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Our Sales Recruitment Process

How is it different?

Our sales recruitment process is designed to identify sales people that will succeed in a sales environment specifically and individually defined by our client to describe their situation.
Our process ensures that only those salespeople with objectively identified skills, strengths, mind set and environment compatibility will be put forward to the client.

We start with your criteria for success

Our process commences with a clear understanding of the criteria for success in your market.
We identify the candidates experience in the 20 most important areas that will influence success,
factors such as:

  • Markets in which you operate
  • To whom you sell
  • Level of Competition
  • Sell Cycle
  • Method of compensation, etc

This allows us to identify candidates with the shortest ramp up time when selling in your market.

We then ensure that we find and attract the right salespeople

We design a recruitment campaign that will attract the greatest number of suitable candidates for your sales position. Our job ads are designed to have very high appeal to successful salespeople. This process has been fined tuned and proven over time.

This next step is critically important!

Prior to reading any resumes or speaking with any applicants, ALL candidates are objectively screened utilising the OA Self Assessment to ensure we only consider candidate who will sell your product in your market.

This unique screening process was developed exclusively to identify those salespeople that will be successful in specific sales environments. It separates out those candidates that may look like salespeople and sound like salespeople but simply won’t sell (we call these sales ghosts).

This is a highly accurate process that has been validated by two PhD studies in which it was recognised as having a predictive validity of 95%. This means that when we recommend a candidate who has been identified as hireable against a specific criteria, they are successful in that sales roles 95% of the time.

However this is simply the beginning of our screening process.
The next stage is to further screen the hireable candidates to test their sales abilities under pressure. The first step of this interviewing process is the Phone Screen. We conduct a brief phone interview with the candidates whereby they are placed under considerable pressure. They need to convince us that they are worth progressing to the face to face interview stage. All hireable candidates are put through this process and are objectively scored on how they performed.

Only the best will progress to the face to face interview stage.

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