Scared of Prospecting? Here's Where to Start

Posted 12 Nov 2018 by Objective Assessment

When did you last approach a potential new client? If you've been putting it off, read our top three tips for getting started with prospecting. They'll help you face your fear.

Here are our top three tips for getting started with prospecting:

1. Do it and do it some more

You’ll never hone your skills in prospecting if you don't do it. You’ll never grow your business, boost your commission, or earn that promotion without taking the plunge.

And once you've done it once, do it again. This will only get better with practise, so today's efforts were all in vain if you don't do it again tomorrow.

The more you do it, the more you'll learn to tune into opportunities. Opportunities are everywhere; be consistent and listen out for people talking about pain points in their business.

With time, your prospecting skills will become an instinct. Allow yourself the time to learn.

2. Attitude is 90%

Don’t wait for your attitude to improve. Trust the process and your attitude is guaranteed to get better. Consider a few key points before you get started.

Write down your goals:

  • In three years, I will be sales director, having brought in the company's biggest client. 
  • In three years, I will have opened a second location to service the demand from my client base in that area.

Read your goal back and have it in mind while prospecting.

When you begin prospecting with a positive attitude, you'll probably be surprised by how many people mirror your positivity.

3. Never let them see you coming

Speak to the decision maker. Don't email. Don’t leave a message. Have a conversation. Success will be so much harder if your potential client already has you pegged as a nuisance sales call, so don't let that happen.

Statistics tell us that reaching a decision maker takes an average of five to seven attempts. Never email or leave a message until you've made seven attempts. Try calling at different times of the day on different days of the week until you get through to your prospect.

Or, don't call at all. Go out and find your new clients. Is there a networking event you can attend? Can you offer a training session to lure potential clients directly to you? Your new client might never consider you to be a 'salesperson' if your relationship is founded on the helpful advice you were able to offer in a pressure-free environment.

We can use simple techniques to improve our selling ability. What we’ve covered here are the first three of ten rules for powerful prospecting. If you follow them closely, you're guaranteed start your prospecting with energy and positivity. Keep it up and you'll learn to enjoy the process.

All sales training from Objective Assessment takes a little coaching, practise, and persistence. Our sales development programme is open to anyone who wants to master the art of sales and never have to make an excuse for poor performance again. For more information or to enquire about a course, contact Louise Murphy on 01695 589 555 (UK) / 07583 245 960 (UK) or

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