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Sales is unlike any other function in your organisation - every day sales people face competition, rejection, hostility and lack of control. The success of your sales team is the difference between average results and extraordinary results for your business. It stands to reason that your attention is focused here, on your sales people.

Research consistently shows that 'pitching' products and services at your customers not only annoys them, but rarely has you meeting your sales goals. Effective training and mentoring of sales professionals is key to developing sales teams who deliver sales targets with confidence and knowledge. Our unique training programs have raised the performance and profitability of our clients by as much as 414%

The following training programs cater for a broad range of roles, ages and career stages across all sales areas.

Impact Sales Program

The Impact Sales Program course, designed by Gary Delbridge, will help participants develop a unique understanding of the principles, strategies, sales processes and mindsets necessary to be a successful Sales Person, specific to their industry, market and situation. This training solution covers:

  • Setting Yourself up for Success
  • Breakthrough Mindsets
  • The Power of Influence - an exploration of the Psychology of Sales model
  • Powerful Prospecting and Creating Business Opportunities
  • Controlling the Sales Call
  • Building Powerful Relationships
  • The Art of Closing Sales

Sales Leadership Success

The Sales Leadership Success Program course, designed by Gary Delbridge, is a blended learning program will help Sales Managers and those in staff leadership roles to understand the principles, strategies, sales processes and mindsets of managing successful sales teams. This training solution covers:

  • Leadership Fundamentals
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Building Upon Sales Team Talent
  • Self-Discipline
  • Next Level Coaching
  • Role Clarity and Hidden Sales Culture
  • Hiring Great Salespeople and Renumeration Plans

Success in Telesales

This course focuses on how to make sales using one of our most accessible technological tools - the telephone. While targeted to Telemarking and Phone-Based Selling, this course appeals to all professional sales people. This training solution covers:

  • Inbound enquiries (email, phone or web)
  • Cold-calling and Prospecting
  • Arranging and managing appointments
  • Selling products and services - script writing strategies
  • Maintaining relationships with existing and inactive customers
  • Following up quotes, sales campaigns and trade show visitors

Flying Start

This interactive program is based on the principles of Values Based Selling (VBS) and is targeted towards younger participants beginning a career in sales. VBS is a sales process that consciously focuses on aligning sales training and behaviours with the values of the individual. It is designed to provide participants with a set of skills, behaviours and beliefs that are highly effective in achieving sales success. This training solution covers:

  • An Introduction to Values-Based Selling
  • Goal Setting
  • Powerful Prospecting
  • Building Rapport and Relationships
  • The Art of Asking Questions
  • Criteria-Based Questions
  • Phone-Based Selling

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The above training programs can be offered across a range of modes including: face-to-face training days, online/blended learning (involving web-based content and mentoring sessions with our qualified team of coaches).

Contact Objective Assessment to find out how to implement the our face-to-face, blended and online training solutions today!

Transform your Sales Force

Sales is unlike any other function of your organisation - every day sales people face competition, rejection, hostility and lack of control.

Transform your sales force and build a culture of sales success with our unique training programs. In addition to sales force training, Objective Assessment has developed sales leadership training programs to mentor and support management staff to develop and refine the key mindsets and skillsets that drive sales leadership success.

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