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Bob Fuller went the extra mile to make sure I got value from every call. The calls (which were always relevant to the current business need) were never cut short and Bob always had the time to make sure that what I wanted to cover off, was covered off. Bob can draw from great experience and doesn’t hold back from saying what needs to be said. I would highly recommend the Sales leadership course provided by Objective Assessment and highly recommend the star Coach Bob Fuller!

- Loren Jenner, Coastal Group

The Objective Sales leadership course is an excellent coaching programme and would recommend it to anyone who is leading or aspiring to lead a dynamic and successful sales team. Bob Fuller has coached me through the programme and has been an excellent coach. He always ensured the coaching and training was relevant to the business I operate in and the challenges I had faced or facing in each module as we worked through the programme. I have a busy diary and he related to this and was extremely flexible with the coaching calls. He responded thoroughly to the assignments with feedback. During the programme my sales team doubled in size and the results are following. Thank you, Bob!

- Tim Dupont, Director, RVT Group UK

Bob, I wanted to touch base with you and officially thank you for time we have spent together. I think that no matter how long you have been doing something, the old saying comes back, “You’re never too old or clever to learn something every day!!” I have found that despite many of the subjects covering things that you already do, they have new meaning when you see it and hear it from another point of view. This is never more evident than the fact that I found the content of great value to my Sales Team and they have in turn kept hard copies of modules on their own desks to refer back to. Probably the greatest visible benefit I would comment on, is the open, supportive atmosphere we have created within the team itself. Individuals are both seeking and offering strategic help to assist the success of their colleagues. It’s pretty exciting to watch and the results are coming through. Finally I’d like to comment on the value of our mentoring calls. This level of management at times can be an isolated role and much is to be gained from having someone to bounce ideas off. Thanks heaps for your input, It’s been fun.

- Mike Nancarrow, General Manager - OJ Pippin Homes

Working with Bob Fuller was beneficial in terms of meaningful discussions about our own situation at RVT and realistic solutions to challenges we have. I appreciated the feedback from the notes after each call, and also meaningful feedback on the assignments. I would like to thank Bob for his support and look forward to working with him in the future.

- Julian Hayward, Director - RVT Group

The training is excellent. It helps you laser focus on new and existing customers to maximise the results. I would recommend it to anyone if they were given the opportunity to have the training and wanted to succeed in selling. I would say the training is world class.

- Andy Robins, RVT Group

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending what Objective Assessment has to offer. After a few conversations with Bob Fuller, we had changed the entire management of opportunities in our CRM. This change, along with the sales training course being undertaken by our sales representatives, has increased our win ratio from 30% to 55% in just 6 months. This increase has paid for the training in itself, and will be of ongoing future value to the company!

- David Rowland, Technical Sales - Select Patient Care

It’s been a brilliant experience participating in the course and has taught me a lot, so I appreciate all you’ve done and thanks for supporting me.

- Trent S, Flying Start delegate (Flying Start is an online program designed to support those entering a career in sales.)

This email came through from my boss following an appointment I had yesterday which was the day after I did training with you ... this result is largely because of the content of what you taught us. I used some further techniques from the training in another appointment immediately afterwards and securing a £9,000 order with another £5,000 order hopefully to be confirmed next week. Possibly not 100% down to my new knowledge but definitely supported. 

- Brian, extract from Gary's LinkedIn blog: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-do-you-know-youre-elite-salesperson-gary-delbridge/

What an excellent Psychology of Sales day yesterday! ... We've changed the way we're approaching some of our biggest current opportunities and heading for the emotional buyers instead of the logical buyers. I can't believe how wrong I was targeting people before! You just gave me so much light as to how to approach key accounts. Thank you very much!

- Bruce K, Sales Account Manager

Your strategy is more powerful than I expected! I just used the principle of it in an email to a new prospect and the prospect wants to now look at us and how we can help them! Thanks again.

- Bruce K, Sales Account Manager

I would like to thank you both (Julian & Marion) for an exciting two days, and what I have achieved from this training session is more than what I could have imagined. I am quite impressed with my new skills, which I have you all to thank, I particularly liked the resume topic, where I am now able to view candidates in a different way, and now have the knowledge to get the most out of an interview candidate, I could go on all night talking about my new ability to recruit however thanks again”

- Brad Suffolk, State Field Sales Manager NSW / ACT, Campbells Wholesale (Regarding STAR Training)


UNSW Global Chief Executive Officer, Rob Forage, provides commentary about the approach and positive outcomes from the customized Objective Assessment sales capability improvement program, including the 'in-house' leadership support activity from Jim Vasiliou.

- Rob Forage, CEO, UNSW Global (a wholly owned enterprise of the University of New South Wales)

I regard your training program that I have completed to be the single best move I’ve made in my sales career so far.  My biggest takeaway from the training was the ability to ask the hard tension building questions in order to uncover the clients real buying criteria, before the training I was not even aware that that I had to create tension in order to progress the sale.  I feel that now I have completed the course, I have new knowledge and skillsets to understand how people make buying decisions and how to influence those decisions.  

- Oliver Giles, Q2 System Sales

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Objective Assessment for your contributions to our sales system development and staff training. Since taking control of Elite Fitout Solutions last June we’ve had a crash course in the do’s and don’ts in relation to the sales process, your input into this has been invaluable ensuring the sales system holds all parties in the process (salespeople & management) accountable.

Your review of the sales system we’d inherited has allowed us to tailor a process unique to our business and products, along with the recruitment and assessment of sales personnel, the training of sales and management personnel we are confident that the early success we’ve experienced will be able to be maintained long term.

- Rod Phillips, Managing Director, Premis

Toyota Material Handling and Objective Assessment started working together to diagnose the New South Wales sales force during their integration with BT. The diagnostic provided crucial insights into the capability and growth potential of the sales force - in particular sales management. "It was key to get top management sorted before we worried about the sales team underneath - and if this wasn't right then we were going to fail every time.

- Dave Fletcher, General Manager Operations, Toyota Materials Handling 


As a Sales Director, with a high value on having a high performing sales team, I find Objective Assessment a core requirement when recruiting. Not only does it ensure you get the skills required, I find with Bob's real life experience and guidance on the results it is an effective way to coach individual sales people recruited.

- Daryl Mitchell – Sales Director, Light Melbourne FM

Just wanted to once again thank you for one of the most interesting training sessions I have attended. As I mentioned to you this recruiting process has completely changed my outlook of hiring new staff and now feel 100% confident of getting the right person on board. I felt the way OA facilitated the training was fantastic and all the way very engaging.

- Jim Haritonas, Field Sales Manager , VIC Campbells Wholesale

Property Group McGees recognises change in market requires different sales skills. In the current market conditions we recognized that no company could afford to have under-performing salespeople. Business success is based on quality decisions and quality decisions are based on quality information. Objective Assessment gives us that quality information.

Twelve months ago we identified the need for sales people with outstanding hunter and closer characteristics as the market conditions had changed. Using the OMG Salesforce Evaluations when recruiting, I am able to accurately identify the candidates that will be able to sell my product in my market even before I read a resume or make contact with them. This takes the guess work out of sales recruiting, saving us time and money.

The only decision I need to make is which of the hirable candidates would fit within our team. With my current staff I was able to use the OMG evaluations to identify hidden weaknesses that were affecting their sales results. I could now tailor training to specific needs of my staff rather than wasting money on irrelevant training. This is a win win for all. Objective assessment has given us the tools we were seeking to make the right decisions when hiring, training & developing our sales team.

- Justin Clarke, Director, McGees Property

OA Recruitment has restored my faith in outsourcing something you should never outsource – processes affecting the selection of people! In the past 20 years I have had the privilege to recruit across all continents of the globe and across the diverse industries of Accounting, Investment Banking and Healthcare. I have used the ‘biggest’, the ‘most boutique’, the most ‘specialised’ recruiting firms in the world – however none perform as well as OA. OA were incredibly respectful, articulate and knew the company inside out. The process was thorough, and fair”.  Nothing beats a service partner that extends your own brand beyond your own limits. OA does that in spades!

- Charles Cornish, Managing Director, Ontext Australia Pty Ltd

What it's like to work with Objective Assessment: Have you ever eaten at restaurants that serve (and charge outrageously for) soggy pre-frozen prawns?  Then, one fine day, you eat at a seafood restaurant that takes its prawns straight from the trawler that just pulled in?  They live in that world... it’s what they do! You feel great when you crunch into that first juicy prawn and want more... don’t you? You would understand what I mean if you had ‘spent’ a year of your spare minutes researching, talking to, emailing and yawning at ‘pop culture’ mainstream sales training companies that regurgitate ‘what they think you want to hear’ about your sales operations (same old soggy prawns).  That’s great for selling cars… but WE ARE WILEY! It was time for a fresh approach... Thankfully, I found Objective Assessment!

- Deb Finniss, Business Development Coordinator, Wiley & Co.

For the Nucrush Group to use consultancy services the provider has to be outstanding and that was what we found Objective Assessment to be. We initially engaged the services of Objective Assessment to help us restructure our pre-mixed concrete sales force, using a series of tailored profiling and screening tools. To build on this investment, it made sense to enhance the sales skills of our team with a customised training and development program, which even our sellers with decades of experience found stimulating and beneficial. We went on to use Objective Assessment to provide screening services in the recruitment of a new Sales Manager and then for a critical customer relationship and business development role in our Quarry division. All of these services were co-ordinated by OA staff, who understood our unique needs, our management philosophy and our desire to improve. They gently helped us to realise that even though we had been running a successful sales force for nearly 40 years, there was a lot more to sourcing, remunerating, motivating and retaining quality sales people that we could be doing. From my point of view as the Human Resources Manager, I particularly appreciated their wise counsel in these matters as it definitely supported me in educating our managers in maximising the potential of our sales team.

- Fiona Petty, HR Manager, Nucrush Group

Email Marketing Specialist FortyTwo International chooses Objective Assessment as a catalyst to sales development. FortyTwo International/Campaign-master is Australia's leading email marketing specialist, boasting a client list that includes Coca Cola, NRMA, DHL, Avis and many other prestigious organisations across a broad range of industries. They develop strategies and campaigns using world-class technology, whilst generating maximum return on their marketing investment for clients. As a growth company very focused on new business, FortyTwo turned to Objective Assessment to assist with sales team development and recruiting, both critical to achieving the company's 12 month objectives. Being an independent authority, Objective Assessment succeeded where internal management had met resistance. The Objective Assessment assistance has become a catalyst to the development of the FortyTwo sales team.

- Forty Two International

Companion Credit Union uses Objective Assessment expertise as first step towards building sales culture. No one could have imagined back in 1974 how successful and far reaching Companion Credit Union would become. Originally developed as a banking alternative for the mining fraternity in the Hunter, the company has grown into one of the region’s most successful financial institutions. Companion Credit Union realised they had to change their sales culture from a service organisation to a sales force so they brought in Objective Assessment to begin the process of change.

- Companion Credit Union

The company was investing heavily in training and developing its national sales team in five States, when it sought Objective Assessment's expertise to improve its return on investment. As a result, The Laminex Group now has a better understanding of its people, improved ROI for its training budget, and is creating the change required to realise the company’s commercial potential.

- The Laminex Group

Olex manufactures the widest range of power cables in Australia, supplying the country's electricity, mining and rail industries, a burgeoning international market including China, Sri Lanka as well as electrical wholesalers in Australia and New Zealand. Many among Olex's 800 strong workforce are long term employees. So when a management buy-out accelerated the pace of change, the company sought Objective Assessment's independent expertise to assess its sales team. The Objective Assessment of the capability of the sales force has created the framework needed to manage the sales people, their performance and their value to Olex.

- Olex

Dexion Limited is the name behind the world-class storage systems used by high profile clients Coles Myer, Woolworths, Bunnings, Universal Music and the National Library of Australia. In August 2003, a world-wide restructure of the Dexion Group provided the opportunity for Dexion Australia to become fully Australian-owned. Dexion recognises the critical impact of the sales function on its business and by using Objective Assessment's innovative expertise for increasing sales force effectiveness they now have a blueprint for developing the national sales team, focusing sales training expenditure and closing the margin for error when it comes to hiring the right sales people. The Objective Assessment sales force effectiveness expertise is continuing to play an integral part in Dexion's long-term sales management strategy.

- Dexion

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